Mindset Playing Cards

Follow your dreams ! Cards for collectors, magicians and the every-day user.

Fully marked deck and One way design

Premium quality for a deck that will last over time

Premium Crushed Paper Stock - Air Cushion Finish - Traditionally cut

Video (1 hour) to learn how to read and use the marking system to perform magic tricks

Printed by US Playing Cards Company

Available in Red and in Blue

Limited Editions : 2500 Red and 1000 Blue

Follow your dreams !

My goal was to create a design that could fit everyone, whether you are a magician, mentalist, cardist or card collector.


The cards were designed with two main goals in mind.

  • They have to justify their use over a more common deck of playing cards and not attract the suspicion of the audience.
  • they must have a secret marking that can be read easily

It was very important to create a design in accordance with the message conveyed by this deck. The design of the back represents the brain and its functioning with different connections.

The face designs are mostly traditional because it’s also intended for magicians, so standard face designs help make the cards look relatable and innocent. Number cards are standard.

The figures have been simplified because I wanted them to look more simple and elegant as possible but not standard. An inspiring quote is written on each card !

List of the 12 quotes (each court card) :

The Aces


The quote "If you can dream it, you can do it" is written on the Ace of Spades. The other aces reflect their back design.



The jokers have a minimalist design with the brain logo in the center. The 2 jokers are identical because it's useful when you are a magician.

Extra Cards


  • 1 blank face card
  • 1 Card with all the credits : All the inspiring quotes and their authors. On the other side, you will have access to the tutorial video (1 hour)

A minimalist and elegant design with the brain on the front. The quote « We are our choices » is written on the top.


The quote « Every morning you have two choices : continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up chase them » is written on the back. 


The back design includes an ingenious marking system that allows you to read the identity of the card by looking at the back design. Magicians can take advantage of this clever feature. (Please use responsibly!!!)


The Mindset Playing Cards contain two different marking systems that can be used separately, but you can combine them to create miracles.


  • The marking system (Value and Suit) is simplistic and easy to remember and read, there are no calculations to make.
  • One way mark on the long edge, to spot the position of any reverse card. so you can read the marking by spreading out the cards.

You will have access to a video revealing all the secrets of this deck. You will learn how to read and use the marking system to perform magic tricks (1 hour)


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